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Intention Retreats provides Classes, Continuing Education Workshops and Wellness Events to increase your body-mind awareness, intuition, and spirituality.
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*This class qualifies for 8 CEs in

massage license renewals. 

NCBTMB Approved Provider #748

Passive Movement 
Treatment Work

This course teaches treatment work that a massage therapist can easily incorporate into a their existing massage.  This course will teach treatment work with gentle passive joint movement and mobilization, allowing therapists to address their clients' most frequent complaints, while the client is still in a deeply relaxed state.  It's easy on the clients and easy on the practitioner.  Learn how to approach "problem" areas with techniques that are non-fatiguing and reduce over-use syndrome for the practitioner.

This course teaches a treatment work approach utilizing joint mobilization techniques, passive and active stretching techniques, oscillation, compression, and client positioning techniques.  We will use specific massage techniques to accelerate results.

 Are you tired of massaging a tight area on a client, only to have very little change in the tissue?  Learn to incorporate movement into your treatment work.  Allow the client's body do the hard work, and you just act as the anchor.  It takes practice to remember to "work less," we are taught that to get more results, we must use more effort.  It's not true!  Re-learn in this class how to use less effort and get more results.  

Most of the time when I am working on a client, they are in that deeply relaxed "massage coma" state.  It's such a healing space that I want them to stay in that space, even while I am doing treatment work on problem areas.  These techniques are all ones that support that relaxed state.

Come to class ready to learn and practice!  We will have a lot of hands-on practice time so that you can practice each movement and create muscle memory.  You'll also have the opportunity to receive each technique, so that you know how it feels for the client. This class is largely demonstration and hands-on practice. 

You will receive a handout to take home so that you can remember all your favorite moves.  We will be working on each other fully clothed, so wear comfortable clothing.

Class Supplies to bring:

Massage table

Fitted bottom sheet

Face cradle cover

Here's a quick video from 2020 explaining the class

Cancellation/Refund Policy:

You can cancel your attendance and request a full refund up to 2 weeks before class.  After that time, there are no refunds.  Feel free to send someone in your place. You cannot transfer your class fee to another class.

Intention Retreats reserves the right to cancel the class up to 2 weeks prior to the class if there are less than 4 people signed up.


Questions? 605-430-1525

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