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Learning with Chantelle is like an enjoyable, sunny, lazy-river-ride.  All you have to do is decide you're getting on (show up), and she provides the current and the flow.  She is super easy to be with, creating a safe, comfortable environment for both learning and expression, and the material she offers is easily applicable in your life and/or practice.  I recommend Chantelle and look forward to her upcoming courses!


Angelena M Plummer, CPC LPC
A Positive Life

Chantelle teaches with such a gentle manner that makes everyone feel confident. She exuberates love. Her classes are well-organized and the day flies by so quickly. She is excellent with the many personalities that are in a class - well grounded instructor. Thank you Chantelle for your commitment to humanity.

Ronda  Sep 15, 2021

I attended the Transformational Energy Retreat recently. It was held at Mocassin Springs in Hot Springs SD.  This was a phenomenal place. Peaceful,relaxing and a calming setting. Just what one needs during our hectic lives. Chantelle guided us during energy healing with her calm, soothing voice. Ashley led us in yoga with some simple basic yoga that even I as a beginner could do. We finished the day in the mineral springs with soaking and guided meditation. It was a perfect day in every way. 

Connie M

The Chakra Mini Retreat was everything I needed it to be. It equipped me with the tools and lessons I needed to understand how I can be the aid in my own healing journey. It was empowering and gave me great incite into what I already possess. If energy or self care are on your radar. Take the class. Thank yourself when you get there! -Shaina H

Reiki Classes

I found Chantelle's class to be relaxed and open, and I felt very safe in asking questions and sharing. The information that I learned is incredibly helpful. I have no doubt of her genuine care for students and clients. 
Cathy T.


Chantelle is a humble and passionate teacher. She is blessed in skills of the healing arts.  My wife and I attended Reiki I class together. The instruction was responsive and flexible; the environment was relaxed and suited for the work. 
We highly recommend Chantelle’s classes to anyone interested and committed to working on their wellness journey.
Russ C.


What an amazing and inspirational experience. Chantelle helps guide you to the gifts and wisdom already within. Jason H.


Chantelle is a gifted and wisdom-loaded teacher. I took Reiki I and an Intention workshop with her and was pleasantly surprised with her easygoing nature and fluid classes. She has a way about her that makes you feel at ease and, at the same time, burning for her knowledge. I left each class filled with enthusiasm to put my new skills to work in my massage sessions!
Krisanna Thomas

Chantelle is an excellent communicator. I learned more than I’d expected!

Kibbe C.

I was a bit skeptical but absolutely loved this, and I’m very excited to continue on.

Jamee A.

It was excellent.  I wish I had learned these techniques years ago to use in my medical practice.  I’m so excited to practice what I learned on myself, my family, and eventually my patients.

Karen Z.


I have done all 3 Reiki classes, Transformational Energy work and Chakra Balancing with Chantelle. She leads and guides you very calming and effortlessly. Makes you want to attend them all!

Connie M.

Women's Retreat testimonies: 


 I remember how the four of you made us all feel comfortable and welcomed. I love all the knowledge/information that you all shared and the way you shared it. It didn't feel preachy or over our heads. It was practical and the examples made it easy to understand and implement. I also like the times we interacted with each other (practicing, meals, campfires, etc). And also, the times we could break away and sit with thoughts and feelings. 

Bridget H


Had a wonderful time. Learned a lot of very helpful tools and made a difference in some lives. Can't wait for an advanced class!!!!

 Meghan O


Much more than I anticipated. A lovely setting, a truly delightful group of attendees, a well put together program (esp for the first time out), comfortable accommodations...I really enjoyed the experience and look forward to the next one.  

Natalie M.

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